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Riyadh Philosophy Conference

The Riyadh Philosophy Conference hosts philosophers and thinkers from all around the world to discuss philosophy and its contemporary applications, while targeting a diverse audience from different academic and professional backgrounds. The conference, held annually in Riyadh, seeks to build strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders from diverse sectors in order to combine their efforts and create a platform that will emphasize philosophy and its influence on all spheres of human experience


Literary Partner

The Literary Partner Program seeks to develop literary partnerships with establishments involved in the creative promotion of literary works so that they might be more accessible to society. By doing so, the program seeks to raise cultural awareness, with the best literary partner of the year being awarded 100,000 riyals.


Literature of Isolation

Isolation - for different reasons - has always been a stimulating environment for literary production. Many writers and creators have created literary masterpieces during these periods, which have since been preserved by history. Isolation is also a way of thinking, a way of focusing on specific tasks, and an opportunity for self-realization through expression. In periods of isolation, you can travel, fly away and discover the unknown. You can search for the new while seeking respite from the burden of life to write down your thoughts and engrave out the details of what you have observed and learned. You can then can collate these lessons learned from the experiences you have created and turn them into unique works of literature. Launched during the COVID-19-induced period of isolation, and building on the foundational role of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission to encourage and motivate creators, the ‘Platform for the Literature of Isolation’ gives writers the opportunity to share their literary and creative productions, whether stories, novels, diaries or poetry.