The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission is launching the Tarjim initiative as part of its efforts to support the translation sector in Saudi Arabia, enrich Arabic content by providing notable translated works, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The initiative includes three tracks:

  • Track one: Translation grants.
  • Track Two: Academic journals.

Translation grants

Saudi publishing houses will be the primary beneficiaries of grants. The aim of these grants is to ensure the production of high-quality translations, aimed at supporting Saudi authors, translators and publishers.
  • Enrich the Arabic content with distinguished translated material.
  • Enable Professional Saudi Translators.
  • Support the Writing and Publishing industry with distinguished Translations.

Conditions for translating books From and to Arabic:

  1. The Publishing House must be licensed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The publisher should provide all required legal documentation
  2. The book[s] submitted for the grant must not have been previously translated and published in the same language
  3. The submitted book should enrich the cultural scene
  4. The publishing house must obtain the translation and publishing rights prior to translation
  5. The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission has the right to make exceptions to the above conditions as the commission deems appropriate.


  • Translating academic and cultural periodicals from and into Arabic.
  • Translating books from and into Arabic.

Translated Cultural Academic Journals and Articles

The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission provides academic journals and articles in various cultural fields, translated from and into the Arabic available for researchers and students.
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Tarjim Library

Tarjim Library showcases books that have been awarded the translation grant from the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission as part of the Tarjim initiative

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