Ministry of Culture launches 'cultural database' platform


The Ministry of Culture has launched a comprehensive questionnaire for all employees of the Saudi cultural sector under the title "Cultural Database" through a dedicated e-platform that allows them to participate and register their professional data. Registration is through with the survey creating an inventory of workers’ data across the cultural sector which will be used to design strategic cultural projects, in addition to achieving the highest level of communication with artists and intellectuals from various disciplines. The Ministry aims to create an integrated national database that supports the cultural community and establishes suitable projects and bodies which would support local technical and cultural expertise. These include civil society institutions and associated non-profit cultural projects. The Cultural Database platform is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and will be built in several stages via an e-platform. The first stage is devoted to data inventory, followed by detailed stages that relate to the local artistic and cultural community. The Ministry is encouraging greater communication with employees of the Saudi cultural sector  to assist in the development and design of its strategic projects. The Ministry is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of the cultural community,  enabling it to play its important role in society and to support  the Vision 2030 goal of building a vibrant society.

April 7, 2021 - 12:00