MOC signs a MoU with The Iraqi Ministry of Culture


On Wednesday April 17, 2019, MOC signed a MoU with the Iraqi Ministry of Culture to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the cultural and literary fields.MoU included cooperation in all creative fields, from writing and composition to art in its different forms, as well as cooperation in the fields of public libraries, child culture, and book fairs. Each party will participate in cultural events organized by the other party.Additionally, the MoU stipulated participation in cultural festivals organized, supervised or supported by the official authorities in both countries. Furthermore, each party holds an event of "cultural days" in the country of the other party. It also paves the road for coordinating efforts between the two parties in other cultural fields with the relevant international organizations.In the field of literature and thought, the MoU included participation in literary and intellectual activities through seminars, lectures, and book fairs. In the field of libraries, cooperation will be seen through the exchange of books, magazines and pamphlets about culture in both countries. It also arranges for exchange of visits between public libraries workers, and exchange of experiences in the field of organizing and developing public libraries.Moreover, the MoU discussed "child culture", where aspects of cooperation include participation in festivals, conferences and seminars dedicated to children and exchange of experiences in this field. The MoU also highlights the efforts of holding exhibitions of children's drawings and viewing cinematic and theatrical performances during children's cultural festivals.The signing of the Cultural MoU comes in the context of deep brotherly relations between KSA and Iraq, promoting partnerships in the humanitarian and cultural fields, and encouraging cooperation opportunities between Saudi and Iraqi intellectuals in all creative paths.

April 17, 2019 - 12:00